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The Busy Kindness Elves

The Kindness Elves spread love and kindness all over the world.”  This is how Bella explains the elves tucked into her dress as she takes cookies she helped me bake to the neighbors.

Our elves like to share food.

They whisper in our ears when we are out doing our grocery shopping…. “While you are counting your blessings, remember to share.”  So we take big bags of wholesome food to the local food bank.

“Don’t forget the animals,” they remind us.

So we drop off some treats for the animals who are waiting to be adopted. Treats make waiting easier.

We are so grateful that the Kindness Elves came to us.  They help us to remember what is good and what is right. They remind us to do our part to make this season a happier one for others.  Can’t wait to see what kindness they will think of next!

If you are looking for elves of your own, they can be found at Wildflower Innocence.  Special thanks to the owner, Suzanne, who makes these sweet dolls by hand.  We will cherish them this year and every year.

Blessings, Cai & Bella

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