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1. Choose your food
2. Prepare a plate
3. Press Play
4. Watch what happens

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Copy-Kids is a show which fosters positive habits in young children by encouraging them to copy other kids. Our award winning first season Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables features 12 episodes. Each focuses on a different fruit or veggie. A group of funny, witty, adorable children as young as 6 months and old as 5 years fill each episode chomping down and devouring the food in front of them.

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1. Choose your food

You or your child chooses an episode you would like to watch.

2. Prepare a plate

Wash and prepare the food and put it on a plate in front of your child. Often you can put the whole raw vegetable on the plate, other times you may decide to cut or cook a certain food beforehand. The fun part is about to start.

3. Press Play

Hit 'Play' on your device, and let the magic unfold.

4. Watch what happens

It might take a minute or two, but your child will begin engaging with the food after seeing what the kids on the screen do. They often will not only copy the eating, but also the giggles and behaviors.

“This is the time when I nonchalantly walk away and busy myself as if nothing could interest me less,” says director Malona Badelt, “while quite the opposite is true. I am eager to see if my experiment works, but don't want to project any expectations on my two-year-old son.  I give him space, and lo and behold, my son who swore to me that he doesn't like bell peppers, that they are even yucky, crunches them up as if they were apples.”

That's all. It's really that simple.

The best part: Her son's love for bell peppers continues without watching Copy-Kids. He has made a connection to the nutritious veggie, most likely, for the rest of his life. Co-founder Cai Dixon does remind us:"Just be sure you have these foods at home because your kids are going to want to eat what the Copy-Kids are eating."

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That's just the way kids are. They love to copy other kids.

Dr. Jay Gordon, FAAP

Dawn Winkelmann, M.S.

From a scientific stand point there are mirror neurons we all have. We watch the Olympics and we have mirror neurons in our brain that tell us "Oh I could do that - I could try that!" You want to be able to mirror that; you want to be able to copy that. You may do that in your mind; and with kids, they do it in their mind and then they actively do it. That's why I love Copy-Kids: It's just so natural, it feeds into kids' natural desire to want to copy others.

Dawn Winkelmann Torres, M.S., Speech and Feeding Specialist

Jay Gordon, M.D.

Kids do what other kids do. If they see children eating cookies, they want cookies. If they see children on the swing set across the street, they want to swing on a swing set. So when they see children eating vegetables, like on this video, they are going to want to eat vegetables... Kids love to do what they see other children doing. [...] Kids watching other kids eat broccoli, eat apples, eat blueberries, are going to eat more fruits and vegetables. That's just the way kids are. They love to copy other kids.

Dr. Jay Gordon, FAAP

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