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Meet the Kindness Elves

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The Kindness Elves rolled into town… brought by a Christmas Angel.

They came in through the garden gate on a sunny day. It was well in advance of Christmas. The magic they bring starts early.

The elves explored the garden, greeting all the late blooming flowers. The blossoms were very pleased to see them.

It was a busy open garden they had chosen. So many people walked by without noticing them at all.

Until a child spied them. It was just the child they had been waiting for… You see, Kindness Elves never do their work alone. They look for a child with a good heart to help them with their tasks.

And now that you have met them, won’t you come along on this journey? There is so much kindness yet to be done!

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* Dear Friends, We are so excited to have been invited to write a review series for the Kindness Elves. Our elves will be helping people and spreading joy all over town — with a focus largely on food and sharing. We are touched and honored to participate in this beautiful holiday tradition. If you are looking for elves of your own, they can be found at Wildflower Innocence. You can read more about this wonderful tradition here. Special thanks to the owner, Suzanne, who makes these sweet dolls by hand. We will cherish them this year and every year. Blessings, Cai & Bella

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