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Epic Mother's Day!

What to get a foodie mom?  This!

I am still floating.  In an unprecedented move, Bella’s Dad researched and bought me THE PERFECT gift for Mother’s Day.  I saw the wrapped box the night before and literally COULD NOT SLEEP for dreaming that this might be inside…

I was plotting all the delicious things I would make with it and practicing not feeling disappointed if this was not inside.

So I was one tired, but delighted Mama come Sunday morning. As if that wasn’t epic enough, we then had brunch here…

Inn of the Seventh Ray – my favorite restaurant with delicious, healthy, organic fare and gorgeous outdoor seating. All because I get to be the mother of this lovely child…

We raised our glasses of triple filtered water and toasted the beautiful day, our good health, and each other.

Still counting my blessings this morning.  My cup of happiness is pretty full.  Will never, ever forget this epic, beautiful Mother’s Day.

* I sometimes get presents from sponsoring companies to write about their products on my blog.  This is NOT one of those times.  Some hard-earned money went into the purchase of this gift.  I am so very lucky, and grateful.


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