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Bunny Ears

Need a quick prop to jazz up your Easter photos?  Bunny ears to the rescue!

Honestly, your kids will be in a better mood for photos if they get to insert some silliness into their poses. Nothing spoils an image more than a dour face – so even if you don’t want ears in every picture – try them for a few!

This is a super fast and easy project.   You need to print on cardstock so your ears will stand up… and you need a bit of string to tie them on!    That’s it.  Print, cut, fold, tie… ready.

Thank you Claudine Hellmuth for helping us create some photo keepers for Easter this year!  Find these and other fun downloads at Claudine’s Etsy shop.  Sign up for her email list and she will alert you any time she has new free goodies on offer!  You can also follow her on social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

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