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Ever looked at a fruit at the supermarket that you don’t recognize and thought, “I wonder what that’s like?”

Next time it happens – grab it!  Place it on the table and have your kids describe it to you.  Cut it open and play the game:  ”Let’s try something new!”

A few months ago Trader Joe’s was carrying a tiny fruit called Kiwi Berries. We became enchanted with them and ended up eating boxes and boxes full of these little delicious berries. Kiwi berries came and went and now you can no longer find them easily at the store.

Then I found another new fruit. “Pichuberries.” This little fruit is native to the Andes Mountains. Its name reminds me of the word Machu Pichu. Pichu in Quechua means mountain.

So Pichuberry would translate to mountain berry. In Costa Rica and Colombia its called Uchuva. In France: “amour en cage.” (“love in a cage”) and in South Africa, the UK, Australia and New Zealand it's called cape gooseberry.

This little tiny fruit has 20 times more vitamin C than an orange, and it’s also an excellent antioxidant, boosting immunity and vitality. So what does it taste like?

“They kind of taste like an orange.” – said Tyler.

“It’s got a touch of lemon taste.” – said Kailee.

“The grease on them tastes kind of sweet.” – said Bella.

“They smell like candy, they look like little tomatoes and their tops look like onion.” – said Bella.

“It’s like a tomato but it’s not that.” – said Tyler.

“It has an after taste like a kumquats.” – said Kailee.

“They call them pichuberries because they look like berries but in peach.” – said Bella.

Turns out this little fruit also makes for endless game opportunities.

You can hold it with a straw… You can make cool patterns with it… You can play ball…

Endless fun to be had when introducing your family to new fruits!

Your turn: What new fruit are you going to discover next?

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