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(Not so) Spooky Tree Ghosts

On our recent walks through the neighborhood we have been inspired to make ghosts at home to decorate our trees. They are easy and fun to make and even helped us reuse some of our recyclables.

We used these ingredients: Old pillow cases, cooler bags we collected from food orders, elastic string, pipe cleaners (optional), and some yarn.

First, we separated both the pillow cases and bags into two pieces and then tore & cut them into halves again.

A needle helped pulling the elastic string through the middle of the bag, and a knot secured it on the inside. Around the knot we formed the head by scrunching up the bag and tying the pipe cleaner around, forming a neck and arms.

Then we covered our ghost with a pillow case piece and pulled the elastic through that as well. Finally, the yarn on the outside and two eyes...

...and ta-daa!

Scary, friendly and happy ghosts ready to welcome your neighbors.

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