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Kitchen Tools

The time you spend in the kitchen with your kids should be fun!  Not having much fun?  Make it fun with some snazzy tools!

I spend a good deal of time cruising the internet, looking for kitchen gadgets to try.  Time and again, my search leads me to Prepworks from Progressive.  They make a huge variety of creative kitchen items that will spark your creative flair in the kitchen.  I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favs…

This is a Zip Slicer.  Even though I am well past the stage of needing to cut grapes for choking reasons – it is still handy and FUN to use this little slicer!  It works especially well with cherry tomatoes.  Have you ever tried to cut a cherry tomato?  If your knife is dull or you are like me – not particularly gifted with knives – this little slicer will save the day!

The Apple Machine is REALLY fun for the kiddos.  If you are making homemade pies, applesauce, or just like to enjoy apples without the peel – then this is a gadget to invite into your kitchen.  This device really brings me back to my youth.  My grandparents had a small apple orchard, and my mom and aunts would get together and make pies with the apples.  A flood of sweet recollections come back when we are using this machine.

The Fruit & Vegetable Chopper is sooooo nice.  Chop, dice or slice a variety of vegetables.  This is one you should see in action: Fruit & Vegetable Chopper Demo  It’s a time-saver for you, but it is also an empowering tool for a (supervised) child because their results will mirror yours.

The Melon Baller & Scoop is a real treat to own.  This simple little tool will turn your honey dew, cantaloupe and watermelon into divine, Pinterest-worthy creations.

It really can be a lot more fun to work with your children (or on your own) in the kitchen.  A few simple tools make a world of difference.

I reached out to Progressive to see if they would let me review a few choice items.  They were marvelously generous in gifting them to me for this review!  Seriously nice people to work with and you will find that their pricing is great. (I intended to buy in the event that they could not provide samples.) These items can all be purchased through Amazon.  They have an entire catalog of innovations, so do take the time to peruse their Website.  Also find them through their social media: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest.

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