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This past year turned out very different for everyone we know. And so it did for our family.

Toward the end of last year, we had to travel to Germany, because of a family emergency. We had been so careful throughout the year, hunkering down at home since March. But this was different. We had to come to see my family and make our way across the Atlantic.

A month later we realized that there wasn't a way to come back home safely. Numbers were reaching record heights daily, and Germany imposed a lockdown soon after. Traveling back to the US became an idea fraught with undeniable risks. So we decided to stay. To continue school at night via zoom and taking shelter here as a family. But most importantly we had to find a place to live. We were stuck.

I am writing all of this, because the feeling of being stuck can so easily overwhelm. Especially when confronted with situations that are out of our hands. Coping with the grief of losing a beloved person as well as juggling everything else required strength I wasn't sure I had in store... when all of a sudden a place we could move to appeared out of nowhere.

A place away from all the commotion. Away from most civilization, leaving us with green fields. Two horses. Sheep. A couple of cats, lots of cold and wonderful wind.

The hidden beauty, I realize, I wrote about in my very first post has welcomed me with open arms. My heart is aching for a personal loss, and I thought I was stranded, both physically and mentally. Then in midst of the pouring rain, there, indeed, showed up sunshine.

It has been the best decision we have made last year. To go with the rough seas, let them carry us to this unknown place, and finally allow us to throw our anchor overboard for the time being. Giving us much needed space to breathe. There is no telling of all the silver linings these past months have come with, but I know it has taught me about the undeniable resilience and good heart of children, the value of patience, and the importance of letting go.

While the purpose of this trip was fueled by sadness, something else altogether developed from it. Something magical, I wanted to share.

To a Happy New Year 2021, may this be an inspiring, strong, and above all healthy New Year for you.

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