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Rainbow Fruit Salad

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Getting kids involved in the kitchen is one of the best ways to get them excited about eating healthy. The wonderful folks at Kitchen Club Kids know this and have created a series of kid-friendly cookbooks to help!

Colors and counting are explored in verse beside stunning images that really jump off the page!

In End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad your children will be guided step-by-step in how to make a fruit salad that would dazzle at any party! This recipe is made for sharing.

No party?  No problem.  Eat your fill, then freeze the rest and make delicious smoothies later!

The recipe calls for 10 fruits in all – but can be modified according to availability and season.  This would make a wonderful class cooking project – each child could bring a different fruit to contribute! Eating a rainbow insures that your children are consuming a diverse profile of healthy nutrients.

We’ll be making vegetable soup next! Can’t wait to taste that rainbow…

Keep up with the latest from Kitchen Club Kids - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. I was provided with copies of these delightful books to review – I adore them and can’t recommend them highly enough!

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