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No Bake Apple Cookies

100% Nature’s Candy. Preparation Time: 5 Minutes.

Apples are loaded with health benefits. Almonds too!

This recipe is so simple:

Pick your favorite apple. Slice the apples vertically.

Use a cookie cutter to shape the sliced pieces.

Spread almond butter on top and cover them with another piece of apple.

Decorate with melted chocolate.*

*Because of my sugar intolerance I melt unsweetened dark chocolate and added a touch of honey (you can also use coconut sugar) to sweeten it.

Use a piping bottle with a simple tip to draw on the apple top. Cover the star center with an almond. If you are serving immediately, no additional steps are needed.

If you are making a tray to serve later, you will want to dip the apples in a little lemon water to prevent browning.

That’s it!! You have yourself a tasty, healthy, pretty snack to serve!

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