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My Snail Diary (Part Two)

Wednesday (Day Three)
Yesterday I was feeling a bit uneasy about checking on my strawberries - but I could have never guessed what happened...

All of my strawberries had gone! Munched up! I was just in time to see the culprit dash away into some nearby bushes! So I spent the rest of the day making plans:

1. Snails are not my very best friends anymore.

2. I want new strawberries

3. They will have to be guarded

4. So - we need Scaresnails!

Thursday ( Day Four)
Today we “hired” some strong looking scaresnails to protect my new strawberry plants. They seem a happy lot - and willing to do the job!

We carefully chose a nice spot nearer to the house and started planting. Maylivia, my daughter, had the wonderful idea to make a “Keep Out Snails” sign, so we set that up also.

I have a good feeling this works! Just checked before going to bed. No snails except of the scaresnails. The strawberries seem to be growing very fast. Probably I will be cooking Marmalade by the end of next week - so I should start to collect jars...

(to be continued...)

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