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My Snail Diary (Part Three)

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Friday (Day Five)
Woke up very early this morning because of a loud banging on the front door. I rushed downstairs to find two of the scaresnails pleading to come in!
They announced that loads of snails came all night long and they had to fight them. The job was much too hard but it got better at sunrise, so they left the third scaresnail as a guard and came in to take a rest in the kitchen.
They soon found themselves comfortable places, so I rushed out feeling very uneasy about the strawberries...The scaresnail was gone... and so were almost all of my strawberries except:
Obviously new plans had to be made - better plans! I started preparing lunch and tried to get the snails out of my mind. But... didn’t work.

Somehow, things seem to be getting out of hand... be continued!

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