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My Snail Diary (Part One)

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

My story with the snails began earlier this year, when I decided to grow my own strawberries. Everybody loved strawberries - especially the kids - and I constantly seemed to be running out of them. It seemed like a great idea but little did I know then...

Monday (Day One)
My mum gave me seven strawberry plants today - Yay! In about three months I should have dozens of cakes and marmalade glasses ready for all my friends.

As it was such a sunny day, I decided to plant the strawberries on the spot.

Tuesday (Day Two)
Had an odd dream last night. Something about snails, trying to fight me for my strawberries. Very strange. And it looked something like this:

So I decided it was best to go outside and check on my plants...

(to be continued...)

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