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Make-Your-Own Marble Run

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Marble runs have always been one of my favorite toys, as a child as well as a parent for my own children. Watching my kids' faces light up with joy and happiness as the little glass ball whizzes down the tubes and paths has never ceased to enlighten my day. While there are great ones on the market, making your own at home can turn into a super fun, charming, and very affordable DIY project.

All you need: Various boxes (from tea-bag-size to shipping boxes), really any type of clean recyclable material, old cloth or plastic yogurt cups, toilet paper rolls & tape of any kind.

A purely perfect way to recycle, enhance fine motor skills, problem solve, and to let children's imagination explore without boundaries.

Voilà! An exciting & timeless toy, self-made...

...which can always receive a thrilling addition!

Enjoy creating your own :)!

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