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Homeschool Classroom

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

My daughter loves school. Exactly one day into her summer break she asked me if she could set up a school at home. I said yes (what else could I say?) – and she began to list the items she would need.  A blackboard. Lockers. Desks. Not wanting to break the bank – I decided we would shop for some things, and make others ourselves.

We started by looking on Etsy and found a great rustic chalkboard.

Next stop – our garage.  An old, water-stained, unfinished pine bookshelf volunteered for duty. With a bit of paint, some hooks and numbers – we were able to transform this…

Into this. The result was charming.

We pulled the rest from bits and pieces in other areas of the house.

Voilà! A very fine homeschool classroom was born!

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